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I Will Pay You $500 For Each Business You Share With Me That You Know & Trust!

Do you know a business owner who could benefit from FREE MONEY to recover from the pandemic? Perhaps a friend, colleague or acquaintance? If so, you could EARN $500 per referral doing nothing more than giving us their contact information & telling them to expect our call! With an offer like this, how can you not take advantage of the opportunity? Send me your referrals today and start earning extra money with just a few clicks!

Hello and welcome

What is this income opportunity proposal all about? 

Is very simple.  

In a nutshell, you may or may not already be aware of this program, but..

In light of the pandemic, many businesses across the country were adversely affected, with some losing money or even closing their doors for good. However, the Government has taken steps to help businesses get back on their feet, by offering a pandemic grant through the IRS to help cover the losses caused by the pandemic.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still unaware of this opportunity, and millions have not yet claimed their share of this grant. As a result, I have partnered with a professional firm to assist businesses in claiming their pandemic grant, which is currently only available for the next 22 months.

Our professional team has already helped businesses recover over $4 billion dollars in pandemic Grant, with some companies having no prior knowledge of the program. It is a complex process, taking almost 200 pages to file the entire claim correctly with the IRS, which is why many accountants and CPAs are referring their clients to us for assistance.

But the clock is ticking since this opportunity will come to an end in almost 22 months, after that, the IRS will close the doors forever and whatever money was not claimed, will be kept by the Government forever!

Again, most business owners are not even aware of this pandemic grant money.

That’s why we need people to help us spread the word to all the business owners before the IRS closes their door in a few months. Business owners need this money now more than ever and YOU can help them get this money by telling them about this program and referring them to me, and I’ll take it from there and pay you $500

So far we’ve helped businesses such as:

Rolex, GNC, VISA, Master Card, Boston Red Sox, Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, McDonalds, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Marriott Hotel, Comcast, CBS, Denny’s, IHOP, Subway, Panda Express, Little Caesars, UPS and thousands of smaller companies.

So what’s expected from you to earn $500 per qualified referral?

Let us begin by defining what is considered a “qualified” referral.

A qualified referral is a business that qualifies for the pandemic grant given by the IRS and is willing to cooperate with me and my firm in gathering all the necessary documentation from the business (your referrals) to process their claim. If your referral meets these criteria, my firm will review all 200 pages of paperwork to ensure that it meets the IRS requirements. If everything is in order, my firm will file all the paperwork with the IRS. This is considered a Qualified Referral 👍

It is important to note that if the IRS finds even the smallest error on any of the 200 pages claim forms, the claim will be denied, and the process will have to start all over again (which is the reason why accountants don’t like to mess with this process). Therefore, it is crucial that your referrals cooperate with me and my firm and move quickly to provide all the necessary documents. I am proud to say that 99% of all claims processed by my partner firm are approved by the IRS. 👏


If you send me a “qualified” business with 6 to 500+ employees, I will personally pay you a referral fee of $500 per referral. If you send me a “qualified” business with 1 to 5 employees,  I will personally pay you a

referral fee of up to $300 per referral, depending on the number of employees. Please note that businesses with less than 5 employees must not be family members (e.g., husband/wife/children/uncle, etc.). You have control over the amount of income you earn through your referrals.

When will you receive your payment?

Once all the necessary documents have been collected from your referrals and the claim has been submitted to the IRS, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months for the IRS to send the check directly to the business you referred. Once your referral receives the money, we will cut you a check for $500 (or as applicable) directly to you or to your bank account. 

You will have access to a back-office where you can track all your referrals, their status, and how much money you will earn once they receive their check from the IRS. You can also enter all future referrals to me through this back-office, which is completely free to use.

To sweeten the deal, once you refer 3 “qualified” businesses to me, I will pay you 50% of your $500 payment in advance. This means that you will not have to wait for 4-6 months to receive your money. For instance, if the fourth “qualified” referral you send to me cooperates with me and my firm, and we send out the claim forms to the IRS, I will pay you $250 in only 3-4 weeks after sending the claim to the IRS. You will then receive the remaining $250 when your referral has received their check from the IRS.

What information do you need to provide to me for each referral you send my way?

  1. Business Name
  2. Owner’s/Manager’s Name & Mobile Phone Number
  3. Owner’s/Manager’s main email address
  4. City, State & Zip Code where business is located
  5. Type of business (Restaurant, Construction, Church, etc.)
  6. You MUST tell them I will be calling them  & they must agree (This is crucial)

As a valued business partner, I would like to stress the importance of only referring businesses that you have established relationships with. These may include, but are not limited to, your hair salon, dentist, doctors, car wash, restaurants, bars, schools, church, gyms, gas stations, retirement homes, coffee shops, cleaning services, etc.

I would like to emphasize that randomly selecting businesses from Google or other search engines is not allowed and considered spamming. This practice is not tolerated as it undermines the credibility of our program. As such, I trust that you will personally talk to all your referrals before sending them my way.

It is important that you inform them that I will be contacting them to explain everything about our program and to determine their eligibility. In case any of the referrals claim that they were not contacted by you about my call, I will be forced to eliminate you from our partnership.

Who Am I Looking To Team Up With?

I am seeking to team up with individuals who consistently generate fresh and qualified referrals on a weekly basis. The more you refer, the more money YOU MAKE! It is essential that you refer only those businesses with whom you have had personal interactions, either face-to-face or via phone, about the program, and have introduced me to them so that they expect my call.

  1. Q) Is it okay for me to approach businesses that I have not had personal interaction with?
  • Absolutely! But you MUST  introduce the program to them and tell them to expect my call, they must agree to it. After that, gather  the needed information from them so I can call them, you then send them my way.


To become a referrer and earn unlimited income, please follow the instructions below. You will need to register with my partner firm and me so that we can add you to our database and create your back office, enabling you to monitor and manage all your referrals and income, absolutely free of charge.

I will personally pay your fee per referral out of my pocket, while my partner firm processes the payment on my behalf. Registration is free. You may register and learn more about the program by clicking the link below and following the instructions.

Once you click the “Registration Button” below, you’ll be redirected to a video page where they’ll explain the program, you’ll see a button named: “Refer A Business Now” on that video page, click it and you’ll be prompted with a small form where you will provide YOUR information (name, etc). Once you submit that small form, you will receive an email right away to your inbox (check all your folders for the email: spam, social & promotion folders), open the email and follow the instructions to signing the online agreement as this will protect you in making sure you get paid for all your referrals.

Once you have signed the online agreement, then all your information and back office will be activated and available to you instantly and in your back office you’ll have a form where you can start submitting all your referrals. That’s It! Now go ahead and click the link below now.

If you wish to communicate with me, please send an email (bottom of page). 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. 

I look forward to continuing our partnership and generating mutually beneficial opportunities.

With an offer like this, how can you not take advantage of the opportunity? Send me your referrals today and start earning extra money with just a few clicks!

Best regards,

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